In his 15+ years as a designer & photographer, David Irlanda has brought his talents to a myriad of diverse projects in the advertising, film/TV, music and editorial industries. To his clients, his name has become synonymous with a “wow” factor they experience when he delivers above and beyond their expectations.  


David’s passion for art, film and photography has always driven him, from making cool stuff as a kid in his native New York, to winning an art school scholarship based on his portfolio, to launching a successful career as a designer and art director. Lead by his desire to create, his love of exploration and his self-professed geeky love of innovation and technology, David brings a keen eye and a fresh perspective to breathing life into ideas. 


Most recently, David served as Senior Graphic Designer at SiriusXM, where he designed, art directed and photographed numerous campaigns for high-level acts such as Metallica, Paul McCartney and Foster The People. Now based in Austin TX, he continues to elevate projects with his unique style and storytelling ability.   


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